Executive Producer, Jermaine Dupri choose five aspiring kid rappers to compete for a record deal with So So Def Records. Queen Latifah is also an executive producer on the show. Lifetime premiered this 8-week series full of promise and drama. Miss Mulatto took home the coveted chain and contract. We are happy for her and look forward to what she has to offer the rap game. I was personally low-key rooting for the runner-up Lil' Niqo, a veteran in the world of hip-hop, at the age of 15. At the age of 10, he was signed to Island Def Jam and is setting his sights on signing his name again on the dotted line.

These days it seems like talent is being discovered in creative ways on social media sites like YouTube, FaceBook and Instagram while some launch from Reality Show platforms. Fan bases are built overnight in an age of instant gratification.

A heated debate brewed on the reunion special of "The Rap Game," tonight when the topic of writing their own lyrics. From the first episode it was clear that Miss Mulatto and Lil' Niqo wrote their own ryhmes while Supa Peach, Lil' Poopy and Young Lyric seemed to be coached along the way. I see both sides of the argument. As a fan I love to hear an artist, especially a hip-hop artist spit verses coming from the heart, that I know that they created. On the other hand, the songwriter in me is not mad at the opportunity it creates for ghost writers.

Where do you see the rap game heading? Does it matter to you that the artist writes his/her own material? Stay tuned for season 2 of the Rap Game airing on Lifetime TV.

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