Elle B just wrapped up her epic "Death in Rio" Noire EP Launch Party & Death In Rio Video Premiere Live on-line and in person for her fans all around the world. She performed her songs off of her Noire EP, soon to be released 3/29/16.

If going on tour depended on your efforts alone, how far would you? Elle B is working on a master plan to tour the world, sharing her music like she has been doing over the past few years singing background for Katy Perry.

It's her turn to step into the spotlight!! Watch out world, here she comes. As we highlight Artists from the Indies to the Majors over here at The UnderGroundSeen, it has been heart warming to see Elle B transform into the singer, songwriter, producer and performer that she has blossomed into. As we get closer to her release date be sure to tune in as we get the latest updates on her project and ways you can support her dreams of traveling the world.

#OhElleYeah #ElleBArtistOnTheRise #DeathInRio #TheUnderGroundSeen

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